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About Converse

Converse needs absolutely no introduction. Founded in 1908, the famous American brand has since become a constant wardrobe staple for many around the world. With its signature rubber sole and classic star insignia, every pair of Converse is distinguishable at one glance. Sporting a casual vibe and minimal aesthetic, it is no wonder Converse has garnered a large fan following worldwide and is widely regarded as the sneaker to own.

A dynamic brand, Converse has in recent years launched many exciting offerings. From revitalizing their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star collections to boots designed entirely in rubber, such creativity is what cemented Converse’s position as the purveyor of street-style today.

Every pair of Converse is a canvas for your individuality and self-expression. With every journey, they tell your story. Every pair of Converse is a reflection of you.

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