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Onitsuka Tiger

Do you know? 

Onitsuka Tiger’s trademark stripes design was first designed in 1966, and had a real function apart from being the brand’s trademark.

The lacing of the shoes was integrated into the vertical stripes, the design improved the stability and durability of the shoes.


The heart of Spingle Move beats for the pride of having every single shoe handcrafted in its Japanese factory by skilled craftsmen.

Every design is produced in small quantities, ensuring that the highest quality and standards are maintained at all times.

The shoes are constructed to be spacious and comfortable on the inside, a prized trait that is

disguised by their slim exterior. Pair this with the sturdy heel core feature,

Spingle shoes make fantastic travelling companions that are able to withstand long hours on the road and rough conditions.

Did you know? The curved up outsole on all Spingle shoes is an icon of the label.

It is attached by hand and has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility.

The timeless and genderless designs of Spingle shoes coordinate ideally with easy, clean looks and basic colours.

Unfussy materials such as cotton and denim complements effortlessly, while the choice of a single accessory helps to add some zing into the outfit.